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Rent at Casa Blanca: your best, most complete option in Same

Rent at Casa Blanca: your best, most complete option in Same 1024 576

Apartment rentals in Casa Blanca are varied. In recent years, development within the resort complex has favored buildings with balconies and interior décor properly equipped for families, couples and groups of friends. But one of the main attractions of our exclusive apartments and suites is our homey ambiance and elegant Mediterranean style. Green 9 Same Spa & Beach Resort maintains a sober architecture, with defined lines, ample lounging areas and fresh colors that blend beautifully with the surroundings: white walls and details in sky blue that echo the warm tones of Same’s sea.

When making your decision of what apartment is best for you and your family and friends, it is worth taking into account certain details that guarantee the most comfortable, safe and convenient experience.

1. Location

While in Same nothing is really far, minutes and kilometers make a difference. You want to be close to your shops, restaurants, entertainment options, as well as the beach with its kiosks and shoreline bars. While many of the accommodation sites available for rent can be 10 to 15 minutes from the beach’s entrance, Green 9 is just a few steps away. Moreover, as soon as you set your foot in the sand you will find our large blue tents, ready and at your disposal to lounge in and protected yourself from the sun, with personalized service that will make you feel at home.

2. Amenities

In terms of amenities, Green 9 is a no brainer. Fans, parking, Wi-Fi, hot water, a comfortable balcony and even the delivery of clean sheets and towels are included in the list of basic amenities. We also offer TV-entertainment, which is an option that is well appreciated in these quarters of the country. Cable television is certainly few-and-far-between. Green 9 offers a variety of sports channels so you can enjoy your favorite team’s matches, especially when it comes to football (soccer), with free access to local league games and South American and European league championships as well. We also offer children and movie channels.

There are other key comforts when looking for accommodation. One of them, designed above all to ensure fun for the young ones, is our pool. Many apartments for rent in the area lack this facility, which is undoubtedly a perk for all members of the family. Green 9, however, not only has one but two pools, both equipped with lighting for nighttime dips (up to 9:00 p.m).

You may also take for granted the kitchen utensils we offer in our apartments, but these are actually key when thinking of a place to stay. Green 9 includes blenders, microwaves, refrigerators, coffee maker, sandwich maker, can opener, sifters, pasta drainers, lemon squeezers, graters, salt dispensers, jars, glasses, plates and everything will need in order to cook the most delicious recipes in all our apartments and suites.

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3. Price

It should have taken the first slot on our list of considerations, but it is always important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the living space offered before considering the reasons for which a certain price has been fixed. It is worth mentioning that variations in price depend on whether the season in which you are looking to rent is high or not. A quick navigation through accommodation search engines indicate that sites are available from $60 per night. But that, for example, is only an option if you wish to rent a single bedroom without any of Green 9’s perks. Options amounting to about $350 a night offer up to three furnished rooms, but we handle convenient prices in comparison. Contact us and learn more about our packages.

4. Food

This could well be an additional expense and not only because many people prefer to eat outside their hotel, and that, especially in the case of Same, may mean spending extra money in transportation (gasoline, taxis, etc.). In this sense, a practical alternative is to take advantage of the fact that Green 9 includes kitchen utensils in all apartments and, moreover, that one can easily access our nearby Same market, as well as a full-fledged grocery store located only meters from our resort, where one can buy everything from fresh bread and toiletries to fish, seafood and all the necessary ingredients in order to prepare the freshest, cheapest meals.

With these delicacies at your fingertips, share a great moment with your family and get ready to prepare one of our recommended recipes. Among the simplest and fastest is the delicious “Atacames style” seafood rice (paella):

Rent at Casa Blanca

Seafood rice, Atacames style (serves 6)
½ kg of shrimp
½ kg of clams
½ kg of black conch
½ kg of squid
4 cups of fish/seafood stock
2 peeled tomatoes, chopped and seedless
8 garlics, mashed
1 onion
1 paprika
oil with achiote (annatto)
chopped herbs: basil, cilantro and local chirarán and chillangua
2 cups of rice
1 coconut

Grate the meat of half a coconut and then squeeze with your hands until you fill a cup with the milk (that’s the local way… but you can also get prepared coconut milk at your local supermarket). Sautee chopped tomatoes, onion, garlic and peppers in the oil with annatto, and turn it onto a sauce. Add cumin, chopped herbs, salt and pepper to taste. Add coconut milk and cook until thick. Separate from the flame. Open half of the clams and conchs. Salt them, sprinkle with oil, lemon juice and local chillangua or chopped coriander and roast for 10 minutes, (or you can also place them in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes). Cut the squid into medallions and place them, with the shrimp, in the sauce and mix over low heat for 5 minutes. In a large pot, melt oil and butter, add salt to taste and add the two cups of raw rice, stirring until all the rice is “lubricated” (30 seconds). Add 2 cups of fish broth (or water) and cook until the rice is almost ready, just a little hard. Mix this rice with the sauce, shrimp, conchs and remaining clams (which you did not roast) and squid, mixing so that the sauce is spread evenly. Add another cup of fish stock until the rice is ready (if the rice is still hard, add more broth). Serve on a large tray decorating the plate with the roasted/baked shells and clams.

Or if you prefer, you can try the best pizza in Same, at our very own Tikihouse, Green 9’s restaurant, which also dazzles visitors with the best ceviches in the country and its delicious pizza prepared by seasoned pizza maker Darío Sosa.

5. Entertainment

No vacation is complete if you don’t get your rest and live new exciting experiences along the way. To replace the city landscape with that of the sea’s horizon in itself is already a great privilege. What is also a joy is to listen to the song or to see in the distance the colorful flight of the tropical birds that nest in the trees within our comples. These sounds and panoramas are just a prelude to the natural corners that can be visited when staying with us. From Green 9, you can easily travel to paradisiacal spots such as Punta Galera, Mompiche, Muisne, Las Palmas and even the city of Esmeraldas.

And to start off with energy your mornings or to finish your afternoons with some healthy exercise, you can play a friendly match on our tennis court, perfect your swing at the semiprofessional golf course or enjoy our minigolf with family. Remember also to separate a day to ride a bike along the beach and town or to discover its fascinating nature trails by foot.

With all these suggestions, it is clear that Green 9 is an excellent choice for your holidays, offering rest, a place to get away from stress and find yourself facing the wonderful sea and all its mystery.

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